l'art d'une pause, gîtes de charme, piscine, bourgogne, cottage burgundy coté jardin
l'art d'une pause, gîtes de charme, piscine, bourgogne, cottage burgundy coté jardin
Gîtes 3*** et 2** avec Piscine chauffée en Bourgogne du sud
Gîtes 3*** et 2** avec Piscine chauffée en Bourgogne du sud

Our free chicks !

The first ones arrived in the end of July, 2014 and the following ones in September.

At the request of our hosts who found it more natural, nice, more authentic and more "campaign", we installed the hens house in the center of the garden in a little house which was originally a "pig house".

Our chicks sleep there and lay every day, and from the opening of the wire netting there, they take advantage of the fat grass of the lawn and walk to their guide in garden, for the great pleasure of the children and the adults also !

Among 8, except one, that is a big common grey hen ( Gianta), our hens are ornament hens, some are "Negros silks" (Bianca and Grigia), some are "batams of Beijing" (Neige, Perdra and Faisane), one "Padoue chamoisée frisée"called "Cléopatre" and the last two are "hollandaises hupées" (Mme sévigné and Mme Butterfly).


You can discover them right now thanks to the following photo gallery:

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